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摘要 :   97棋牌手机版 97棋牌手机版,According to news from Taiwanese media on January 3, Hong Kong-based "Asia Weekly" criticized the DPP again in this issue after criticizing Tsai Ing-w...
  �� 给蔡英文“穿龙袍”的《亚洲周刊》出新刊��追打民进党,这期指责其“威权复辟”According to news from Taiwanese media on January 3, Hong Kong-based "Asia Weekly" criticized the DPP again in this issue after criticizing Tsai Ing-wen for "dictatorship" and "wearing dragon robe" for Tsai Ing-wen. "Asia Weekly" stated that under the rule of the Democratic Progressive Party, Zhongtian was shut down from Taiwan, imported pigs (American pork containing clenbuterol) were forcibly passed, dissidents were checked for water meters, and the media was "departed by the Internet army (on the Internet). Collectively attack)" and spread rumors against political opponents...have already lost the ideals outside the party, which is tantamount to "authoritarian restoration" and "better than the blue of the year." The previous issue of "Asia Weekly" featured Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen as the cover , A special report on "Behind the dictatorship of Taiwan’s democratic elections." Asia Weekly stated that many people affirm that the weekly has spoken the voices of the Taiwanese people, and lively discussions have also aroused online. However, the DPP not only deliberately avoided the issues raised by the weekly, but also A consistent method of "smearing red" has also been used, claiming that Asia Weekly is the "Beijing Mouthpiece." Asia Weekly has made four statements to refute. According to Taiwan's Zhongshi News Network, Asia Weekly announced on Facebook on January 2 that in order to further explore why the DPP allowed Taiwan to return to the past, and how it deviated from its original intention of founding the party, Asia Weekly 》In the forthcoming second issue of 2021, we interviewed Zhang Junhong, former acting chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party. According to the report, Zhang Junhong believes that the DPP has only been in power for just a few years. In the name of defending human rights, its use of administrative orders to suppress the reality is tantamount to an authoritarian restoration and "better than the blue of the year." "Asia Weekly" also I mentioned that looking back at Taiwan today, after more than half a century of "democratic struggle", has Taiwan now regressed to the authoritarian rule of the "martial law period"? Has the DPP forgotten its original intention and turned into an enemy it used to fight against? In response to this, some netizens left a message on the “Asia Weekly” Facebook page, saying that the DPP authorities are “indeed out of the blue...the value of democratic progress has been played up.” Some netizens worry about whether the report will be “disparaged again”. Wipe red". ↓Asia Weekly published the cover of the current issue on Facebook on December 24, 2020, showing a picture of Tsai Ing-wen wearing a "dragon robe", and reported on the topic of "The New Authoritarian Phenomenon Behind the Elected Dictatorship in Taiwan". The report took many incidents such as the "Reverse Osmosis Law", the Zhongtian News Channel’s non-renewal of photos and "checking the water meter" as examples, as well as interviews with politicians and scholars 97棋牌手机版including the DPP’s founding leaders. The analysis concluded that Tsai Ing-wen " "Government" has gradually been biased towards dictatorship and becoming a new authoritarian leader. Since then, "Asia Weekly" has not only been criticized by the Democratic Progressive Party, but also criticized by the Green Camp Internet Army. On December 29, 2020, "Asia Weekly" made a counterattack and released 4 different versions of "Tsai Ing-wen's Dragon Robe Photos" on Facebook for free download by netizens. It also claimed that the Green Camp wanted to block the magazine three or four times, all because of this. The cover of Tsai English. Source: World Wide Web/Rufeng


















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