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摘要 :   天富娱姿纷675138q 天富娱姿纷675138q,The temperature is minus 5 degrees Celsius and the north wind is blowing. For Master Wang's family, this winter cannot be more chilling. Shubao, forg...
21岁女孩突遭意外!家属��的这个决定,将给��5个家庭带来新的希望!The temperature is minus 5 degrees Celsius and the north wind is blowing. For Master Wang's family, this winter cannot be more chilling. "Shubao, forgive mom and dad for this decisio天富娱姿纷675138qn, I hope you don't blame us!" At 9:30 am on December 31, in the EICU ward of Ningbo Huamei Hospital (Ningbo Second Hospital), Master Wang touched his daughter Said on his face, tears blurred his vision. Just a few days ago, his "Shubao", 21-year-old daughter Wang Shu suffered an accidental brain death. The father who had undergone a kidney transplant offered to donate his daughter's organs. This donation will bring new hope to five families. On the evening of December 24, Master Wang, who was about to rest, received a call and the couple ran to the hospital in a panic. That night, Wang Shu had an accident and was rescued. Outside the rescue, the couple waited for a long time, but they waited for the most unwilling news: Wang Shu was seriously injured and could not wake up again. Hearing this news, Master Wang covered his eyes with his hands and couldn't help crying: "My life is really too bitter!" Master Wang and his wife are from Leping, Jiangxi. They have lived in Ningbo for nearly 30 years and operated in Haishu. To a small barber shop. For this small family, this is not the first time to encounter misfortune. 16 years ago, the then 28-year-old Master Wang was diagnosed with uremia. In order to treat the illness, he went a lot of wrong ways and spent a lot of money, but his condition got worse. When he was desperate, he met Weng Guobin, the current Secretary of the Party Committee of Yinzhou Second Hospital and a kidney transplant expert. Weng Guobin told him that as long as he has a suitable kidney source, he can undergo transplantation. But before this, we must continue the treatment and strengthen the confidence to live. Looking at his wife, who was in tears all day long, and a pair of young children, Master Wang cheered for himself and must persevere. After more than two months, the good news finally came: there is a kidney source. The transplant operation went smoothly. After that, Master Wang returned to the clinic on time every month. Everything is fine now, but he always remembers the donor. After graduating from university, my daughter Wang Shu obtained a teacher qualification certificate. A month ago, she had just resigned from an educational institution to concentrate on preparing for next year's public institution recruitment examination. As the whole family happily welcomed the New Year, fate gave a fatal blow. After learning about her daughter's situation, Master Wang's family never believed it to be forced to accept it. Only they knew what it was like. At this time, Master Wang came up with an idea: Donate useful organs from his daughter. So he found a doctor. "I know best what it's like to wait for a transplant. After the operation, it is really not an exaggeration to describe it as'gave a second life'." Master Wang said. After receiving the news, Zhang Ping, OPO director of Yinzhou Second Hospital, rushed to Huamei Hospital immediately. When she arrived at the hospital, Master Wang recognized her at a glance: "You were the nurse who took care of me in the ward back then, I still remember!" Zhang Ping was also very emotional when recalling the experience back then. After a series of procedures and procedures, yesterday morning, Zhang Ping and his colleagues once again informed Master Wang’s family of the donation process and donation policy, and confirmed their signatures. In Zhang Ping's view, this is the "feedback of love" made by Master Wang as the recipient. Before the transplant operation, Master Wang and his wife said goodbye to their daughter before coming to the ward. Seeing the once beautiful and lovely daughter full of pipes, the emotions of Master Wang and his wife were close to collapse again. "Shubao, Mom and Dad will never forget you. This is your best home." The two touched their daughter's face, hands and feet for the last time. Master Wang’s wife took out a bag of clothes and confessed to the medical staff in a hoarse voice: “This coat and scarf are newly bought by Shu Bao. If you plan to wear it for the New Year, let her take it away.” Zhang Ping told reporters in 2020 In the summer, a relative of the recipient also donated organs. A 56-year-old man from Fenghua died of cerebral hemorrhage. While he was still alive, his daughter-in-law, a kidney transplant recipient, offered to donate organs to the hospital.






















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