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摘要 :   米乐星球课怎么样 米乐星球课怎么样,Recently, Xinhua News Agency’s “National Shooting” column received multiple reports: I did not buy anything recently, but received a courier on delive...
未购物��却收到“到付快递”,拆开发现不对��劲……Recently, Xinhua News Agency’s “National Shooting” column received multiple reports: I did not buy anything recently, but received a courier on delivery. After opening the courier, I found that it was nothing more than a few dollars of local goods, the value of which was far lower than that of cash on delivery. . The reporter tracked this clue and found that behind this kind of express delivery is a black industrial chain involving the purchase of personal information, blind delivery of express delivery, and outsourcing of customer service. Industry insiders and experts reminded not to sign for cash-on-delivery express delivery from unknown sources. It is best to inspect the goods on the spot when receiving the express, and call for the establishment of a personal privacy protection mechanism as soon as possible. 1 40 yuan to pay by courier opened but it is a "gold-plated ring" Recently, Ms. Yuan, who lives in Guangzhou, received a courier from Yuantong to pay at the company, and the payment was 40 yuan. She was puzzled at first, but saw that the recipient was her Taobao nickname, and considering that some customers would usually send the package, Ms. Yuan paid 40 yuan to sign for it without thinking about it. After opening the courier, she found that it was a small red box with a "gold-plated ring" inside. "This kind of useless and aestheticless thing is only a few dollars on the e-commerce platform, and it is impossible to buy it by herself." Ms. Yuan immediately. Call the sender on the courier note, the result is an empty number. At the same time, the courier and customer service both told her that after the payment was received, the money had been directly sent to the head office, and they could not refund it. Coincidentally, Mr. Zhou from Chengdu had a similar experience. When he did not shop online, he received a courier with "anti-epidemic products" and thought it was sent by a friend from other places. After paying 56 yuan, he found that it was 20 masks. "At first glance, it is a low-quality product. There is no manufacturer information. The smell.” He wanted to contact the sender, but found that the middle four digits of the phone number on the courier were hidden. The reporter found that victims generally receive data cables, shower gel, nail clippers, plush toys, and even a few pieces of waste paper. A small number of people refuse to sign for express delivery considering that there is no online shopping, but most people think that it was purchased by family members, friends, or they have forgotten after placing an order and chose to sign for payment. It is understood that this is a common scam called "blind delivery". After the fraudsters obtain customer information through different channels, they do not need the customer to place an order to purchase the product before it is shipped, and then use the price difference between the payment and the actual product to make a profit. The reporter learned from an unannounced visit that some people started shipping tests from 50 orders, and after the receipt rate stabilized, they stably shipped 1,000 to 2,000 orders every day. "After working for a month, they will log off the express back-end delivery system." 2 The reporter made an unannounced interview: Cooperative express delivery, purchase of "materials", and outsourcing of customer service are one-stop "blind delivery express" involving criminals leaking the personal information of transaction users. Cooperative express companies turn a blind eye to each other, and outsourcing companies are responsible for multiple links such as user refunds. Insiders told reporters that to do blind delivery, first find a courier company to install the express delivery system. The reporter pretended to be blind and contacted Shentong and other courier companies. When the courier knew what the reporter was going to do, he still offered cooperation quotations. "They have a commission, and of course they hope to send as many as possible." Insiders told reporters that when doing blind delivery, they usually communicate with the courier, and the shipper and address are all false. The next step is to buy "materials", that is, users' personal information. The reporter found in unannounced visits that a large amount of personal information was traded on Tieba, QQ group and other platforms, and one piece was sold for 1.5 to 2 yuan. The reporter opened a file containing personal information and found that detailed information such as name, phone number, home or company address was severely leaked. "Some personal information comes from express delivery, and e-commerce platforms also have "inside ghosts"." An insider told reporters. During an unannounced visit, a person who sold "materials" to reporters said that "girlfriends operate e-commerce and have a fixed list." In order to increase the acceptance rate, they also have many "skills." For example, the receipt rate from the e-commerce list is higher. For example, for the mobile phone list, the data cable will be sent, and the pet supplies will be sent pet toys; after the "materials" are purchased, they will be sent to the community as much as possible, and the company, school, dormitory, etc. Addresses with low rates; in conjunction with SMS operations, customers are notified in advance that there is a courier to sign for. In addition, there are outsourcing companies that specialize in customer service. The shipper needs to inform the outsourcing company of the price of each order, and forward the incoming call to the outsourcing company for the shipment mobile phone number setting. "If it is not necessary to return, try to reduce the price and let the customer sign for it. If the customer signs for 80 yuan, return 50 yuan, if not, 60 or 70 yuan." An outsourcing company staff told reporters. 3 It is urgent to establish a personal information protection mechanism. "Blind delivery" is obviously a well-designed scam. First of all, it takes advantage of the mentality that people mistakenly think that they are bought by family or friends. Secondly, taking advantage of the asymmetry between the small single amount and the high cost of rights protection, many consumers are unwilling to pay for the freight or give up the return of the long-term "toss", and they rarely report the case. Zhou Zhaocheng, a lawyer at Beijing First Law Law Firm, believes that after consumers take the initiative to sign for the goods, the express company claims that they are no longer liable, which actually confuses two types of issues: one is infringement and the other is illegal. "Even if it is only a consumer behavior, the practice of'signing for receipt means no return for inspection' is also an overlord clause and violates the legitimate rights and interests of consumers." Lu Yun, a lawyer at Beijing Junzhong Law Firm, believes that the express company knows Where is the sender, if consumers ask the courier company to check the sender’s information and return the goods, the courier company should actively cooperate and provide relevant information. If the express company really leaks the personal information of citizens, it will also bear the corresponding legal responsibility. In addition, scammers can deliver "precise" delivery to reveal a severe situation of personal information leakage. In the era of big data, personal information is exposed to different platforms such as e-commerce, food delivery, etc. Express delivery orders, system loopholes, etc. provide opportunities for criminals. The interviewed experts suggested that personal米乐星球课怎么样 information protection should be continued in terms of laws and regulations, industry standards, technology, etc., and a personal information protection mechanism should be established to severely crack down on the leakage and trading of personal information by criminals. Zhou Zhaocheng reminded consumers not to sign for cash on delivery express delivery from unknown sources. It is best to inspect the goods on the spot when receiving the shipment. When filling in the delivery address for online shopping, it is recommended not to fill in your detailed residential address to avoid the disclosure of personal residential information.



































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