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摘要 :   乐彩客官网登录 乐彩客官网登录,In our lives, we have heard the news that a few members of a family suffer from cancer at the same time So is cancer really inherited? A pair of fat...
��十堰父女几乎同时确诊中晚期!医生:这种癌有遗��传性In our lives, we have heard the news that "a few members of a family suffer from cancer at the same time" So is cancer really inherited? A pair of father and daughter in Shiyan have been diagnosed with advanced cancer. The doctor reminded that this kind of cancer has family heredity and must be vigilant! Check accordingly! Daughter's colon cancer was hospitalized, and his father was diagnosed with the same type of cancer. On the afternoon of December 11, 2020, 37-year-old Ms. Huang suddenly suffered from abdominal pain at home and blood in her stool. Early the next morning, Ms. Huang endured severe pain and made a special trip from Yunyang District to Taihe Hospital for treatment. She was diagnosed with colon cancer in the middle and late stages through colonoscopy, and then she arranged hospital surgery. During the hospitalization, Ms. Huang’s 58-year-old father took good care of him, a乐彩客官网登录nd his daughter’s symptoms reminded him that he had blood in the stool more than 10 days ago. Out of concern, Mr. Huang also went to the hospital for an examination, and unexpectedly he was also diagnosed with colon cancer in the middle and late stages. Both father and daughter were diagnosed with colon cancer at the same time. On the 28th, Ms. Huang told reporters in the gastrointestinal surgery ward that before the onset of this illness, she had abdominal pain, but did not care, thinking it was caused by indigestion. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be in the middle and late stages of colon cancer, and the father and daughter were diagnosed almost at the same time. Di Maojun, director of the Gastrointestinal Surgery Ward of Taihe Hospital, carried out a laparoscopic radical resection of colon cancer. Both the lesions of Ms. Huang and her father were removed. Currently, the two are recovering well and will be discharged soon. After surgery, both the father and daughter’s lesions were removed. Colon cancer has family heredity. This kind of people should pay attention to the corresponding examination. Di Maojun said that the incidence of colon cancer ranks third among malignant tumors, about 600,000 people per year. Humans are diagnosed with colon cancer, of which 10% are familial inheritance. The doctor reminds: If an immediate family member has colon cancer, the chance of other members suffering from colon cancer is twice that of ordinary people. If family members are over 50, the risk is even higher. It is recommended that there are colon cancer patients in the family, and other members should undergo early colonoscopy, early detection and early treatment, to avoid deterioration of the disease and miss the best treatment time. In addition to genetics, what other lifestyles can cause colon cancer? See what the doctor says☟The occurrence of colon cancer is closely related to people’s eating habits. Diets high in fat, high in protein, and less crude fiber are all predisposing factors for colon cancer. In daily life, you should eat a balanced diet and eat more vegetables, fruits, Coarse grains and other foods containing more crude fiber. When unexplained blood in the stool, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain and other symptoms occur, you should seek professional help in time to rule out the possibility of colon cancer. In addition to the prevention of cancer, a healthy lifestyle is required. For people with a history of cancer at home, they must be regularly checked for cancer prevention. Spread reminder! Text and picture/Shiyan Evening News reporter Zeng Yu Special correspondent Wang Hui













2020年12月11日下午,3こ7岁的黄女士在家突然腹痛不止,且便中带血 。第二天一早,黄女士忍着剧痛,专程从郧阳区赶到太和医院就诊,经肠镜取病检确诊为结肠ぎ癌中晚期 ,随即安t排住夊院手术治ι疗。

住院期间,黄女士♈58岁的父亲在一旁悉心照料,而女儿的症状让他想起Η自己10多天前也出现了便血的症状 。出于担忧,黄先生也到医院做了一次检查,岂料也被诊断为结肠癌中晚期





经太和医院胃肠外科病区主任狄茂军开展腹腔镜下结肠癌根治性切除术礻,黄女士和父亲的病灶均被切除 Ы。目前,二人恢复良好,不久就可以出院。






如果直系ニ亲属有结肠癌,其他成员患结肠癌的几率是普通人♍的2倍 。如果家庭成员☑的年龄在50岁以上,那么风险则更高。 Ⅰ

v建议家族中有结肠癌患者,其他成员应进行早期肠镜检查 ,早发现、早治疗,避免病情恶化,错过最佳治疗时间⏳。






结肠癌的发生⑩与人们的饮食习惯›密切相关,高脂肪、高蛋白、粗纤维少的饮食均为结肠癌的诱发因素 ♙,日常生活中应饮食均Δ衡,多食用蔬☦菜,水果、➗粗粮等含粗纤维比较多的食物。当出现不明原因的便血、腹泻、便秘、腹痛等症状时,应⺄及时寻求专业Α医师的帮助,排除结肠癌的可能性。







文、图/十堰晚报记者 曾雨 特约记者 王慧

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