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摘要 :   贝博365 贝博365,The coldest time of winter has come. The cold is accompanied by dryness, and certain diseases have begun to come to the door. The skin will become dry...
冬季寒冷����干燥, 老年人和孩子是湿疹重灾区!The coldest time of winter has come. The cold is accompanied by dryness, and certain diseases have begun to come to the door. The skin will become dry after being exposed to cold air, which induces related symptoms such as winter eczema and allergic dermatitis. The reporter learned that on December 26, 2020, the outpatient dermatology department of Jiangsu Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine received nearly 40 patients with eczema in one day, most of whom were elderly and children. Correspondent Luo Xin Yin Shuyue Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu News reporter Zhou Biying Grandpa eczema often recurs. It was originally the fault of winter swimming. Grandpa Tang, 70, usually has a strong physique. In addition, I feel itching and my skin is particularly dry, and the symptoms will disappear on their own when the temperature rises in the coming year. After the winter, Grandpa Tang was once again troubled by the above symptoms and had to go to the Department of Dermatology, Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. After physical examination, the attending dermatologist Zhou Lin found that Grandpa Tang had flaky erythema, papules on both calves, and the skin was dry and desquamated. After inquiring, I found out that Grandpa Tang liked winter swimming, because he was soaking in water for a long time because the skin oil lost, which caused the skin to become dry, which further induced dry eczema. The elderly do not take a bath frequently, and babies should not dress more often. Dry eczema is also called fat-loss eczema. It is caused by the loss of body surface water and the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands. It often occurs in the elderly. Zho贝博365u Lin suggested that the elderly should not bathe too frequently in winter, at most 2 times a week, and use soap, shower gel and other cleaning products as little as possible, and just wash with water. AD_SURVEY_Add_AdPos("7004636"); When the weather becomes cold, many parents wear too much to the baby to cause eczema. 90% of the baby’s eczema is caused by allergies, but the allergic factors are more complicated and it is difficult to determine the cause of allergies. Heat and friction can irritate the skin and aggravate eczema, so you can't cover your baby too thickly. It is best to wear cotton underwear with good permeability. Don't judge the child's heat or cold by touching the baby's hand. It should be based on the temperature of the child's back and the principle of keeping warm and not sweating. There are ways to treat eczema, taken orally and washed outside, and often protected. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to eczema as eczema and soaked sores. The disease factor is inherent in body dampness and heat, external due to wind and evil, and knots on the skin, resulting in poor blood flow, disharmony between the camp and the guard, and common rheumatic fever. Traditional Chinese medicine treats patients with eczema often by taking Chinese medicine orally and fumigating the affected area. In terms of diet, patients with eczema should avoid spicy, irritating foods and greasy foods, eat less seafood and fruits that are prone to allergies, and eat more green leafy vegetables. In addition, strengthening skin moisturizing is the key. You can apply non-allergic formulas such as vitamin E cream and petroleum jelly. And take some exercises to improve the body's immunity, thereby improving eczema.


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