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摘要 :   库博体育app下载地址 库博体育app下载地址,"The rapid development of human science and technology has reached this point in time, and it has reached a critical point of breakthrough." In the op...
 百度CTO王海峰:��一起乘AI风、��踏产业浪"The rapid development of human science and technology has reached this point in time, and it has reached a critical point of breakthrough." In the opening trailer of the first episode of 2021 in the "Dialogue" column of CCTV Finance, Baidu CTO Wang Haifeng's words attracted the audience. note. Is artificial intelligence ushering in the best opportunity for development at the right time and place? Why did the smart economy explode today? How will technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing be effectively integrated with the real economy? On the evening of January 2, the first new year program of the "Dialogue" column of the China Central Radio and Television Channel’s financial channel was broadcast, with the theme of "Smart Economy: "The Cloud" Knows the Answer" and the 2020 Baidu Cloud Intelligence Summit as the stage background. The audience presented a wonderful and colorful "crossover" high-end interview. Baidu CTO Wang Haifeng, Dean of the National Institute of Finance of Tsinghua University Zhu Min, Vice Chairman and President of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Pan Weidong, and Chairman of Mingyang Smart Energy Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Chuanwei. Four big names gathered together to focus on artificial intelligence and cloud In-depth discussions on cutting-edge topics such as computing, intelligent economy, and industrial intelligent upgrading. When talking about the impact of AI on all walks of life, Wang Haifeng said: “Artificial intelligence technology is the core driving force of the fourth industrial revolution. Its role is to help all walks of life achieve intelligent upgrades, and let our society into intelligent Society, let our economy be upgraded to a smart economy.” Wang Haifeng believes that now the development of digital and smart economy is at the best time for “time, place, and people”. Artificial intelligence technology, including related cloud computing, big data and other technologies, has reached the critical point of breakthrough. The national level attaches great importance to it and the public's acceptance is also high. Customers and developers are actively embracing various changes brought about by technology. All these have provided a good foundation for the rapid development of industrial intelligent upgrading. So, is there a benchmark case for the integration of artificial intelligence and industry? Pan Weidong shared the story of the cooperation between Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Baidu Smart Cloud in the "Dialogue". Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has always been customer-centric, but found that traditional methods cannot truly "understand" customers. Relying on the full-stack cloud and AI capabilities of Baidu Smart Cloud, SPDB and Baidu have quickly created innovative products from the initial stage of cooperation and exploration. For example, the smart customer service and smart outbound projects provide services for customers 24 hours a day. There are 300,000 incoming and outgoing calls every day, accounting for 86% of the daily customer service business volume, with an accuracy rate of 95%. These are equivalent to saving every year. Workload of 1000 people. In the era o库博体育app下载地址f smart economy, governments, markets, and industries have strengthened their layout in the field of artificial intelligence, but they all have their own moats and boundaries. How to define the "moat" of the enterprise so that the smart + industry can achieve a win-win balance? Wang Haifeng’s words brought “reassurance” to the industry. He made an analogy between artificial intelligence technology and “electricity”: it is as if banks use electricity without worrying about whether enterprises will be swallowed by power plants; artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies are the era of smart economy "Water and electricity", "We still play such a value of enabling and empowering" Wang Haifeng said. Now all parts of the country are accelerating the construction of new infrastructure, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies are the core of the new AI infrastructure. Wang Haifeng likened the role of artificial intelligence to the real economy as "sending charcoal in the snow." He said: "The fourth industrial revolution has just begun. This process will indeed be very long, but it will definitely go in this direction in the future. In the process, Artificial intelligence will continue to contribute value to all walks of life." At present, relying on Baidu AI's leading capabilities, Baidu Smart Cloud has created a unique competitiveness of "cloud intelligence integration". At the 2020 Baidu Cloud Intelligence Summit, Wang Haifeng showed the transcript of Baidu Intelligent Cloud: Since May 18, Baidu Intelligent Cloud has set a new strategy of "based on cloud computing, AI as the starting point, and focusing on important tracks". , AI and cloud are more closely integrated, and industrial intelligence upgrades have achieved new breakthroughs. In addition, according to the "Research Report on China's Artificial Intelligence Cloud Service Market (2020H1)" released by IDC on December 23, Baidu's intelligent cloud market share ranked first in China for three consecutive times, and it has achieved full bloom of AI applications and landing in multiple industries. "I believe that we can ride the AI ​​wind and step on the industrial waves together, and the big ship of the smart economy will definitely bring mankind into a better smart society faster." As Wang Haifeng said, AI brought about an industrial revolution. The big wind, the current wave of industrial intelligence is surging, injecting new momentum into the smart economy!










目前,依托百度 AI 的领先能力,百度智丬能云已经打造出“云智一体”的独特竞争力。在不2020百度云智峰会上,王海┏��峰亮出了百度智能云的成绩单:自5月18日百度智能云定下“以云计算为基础,AI为抓手,聚焦重要赛道”新战略✟后,AI与云融☁合更加紧密,产业智能化升级实现新的突破。另外,根据12月23日IDC发布《中国人工智能云服务市场✌ 研究报告(2020H1)》报告,百度智能云市场份额连续♐三次排名中国第一,并且实现AI 应用全面开花、在多行业落地。♉



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