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摘要 :   都市之最强狂兵 都市之最强狂兵,[Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] "Where is Trudeau?" On the first day of 2021, the Canadian media issued such a question. The whereabouts of the...
  �� “特鲁多在��哪儿?”上热搜,因防疫封锁,加网友要求官员发自拍证明自己“在家”……[Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] "Where is Trudeau?" On the first day of 2021, the Canadian media issued such a question. The whereabouts of the country’s prime minister even became a hot topic on Twitter... "Justin· Where is Trudeau in the world?" The Canadian "Toronto Sun" reported on this subject on January 1 that Rod Phillips, the Minister of Finance of Ontario, Canada, had gone abroad for vacation during the epidemic prevention period. The loss of his job caused people to question the whereabouts of Prime Minister Trudeau. Phillips was on the cusp of public opinion for flying to the Caribbean before the Christmas holiday under the anti-epidemic lockdown. After the news broke, pressure from public opinion came. Ontario Governor Doug Ford issued a statement on December 30 local time stating that he had accepted Phillips' resignation. Phillips' office subsequently issued a statement confirming his resignation and apologized. At the end of December, many Canadian politicians apologized for being exposed under the epidemic prevention restrictions, including the Canadian Saskatchewan official Joe Hargrave who went to California and Quebec for personal property sales. Liberal MP Pierre Arcand and his wife are on vacation in the Caribbean...As the “scandals” of Canadian politicians continue, the report said that the topic of “whereis Trudeau” (whereis Trudeau) began on Twitter It became popular and even became a "label", causing netizens to "crazy" speculation. Someone speculated, "It seems that Trudeau is in Barbados. If we have honest media, they will investigate this matter." Some people said, "Where is Trudeau? Is he really in the Caribbean?" Someone said: "I really want him to be caught, and then babble to explain why he went to travel." ↓Others said, "Maybe he went to Cuba or other warm places, just like Canada can't afford him. ......" ↓Some people were dissatisfied, "If there is a crisis, no one will deal with it?" ↓For this reason, some people even began to ask都市之最强狂兵 Canadian politicians: "I ask all Conservative Party supporters in Canada to now prove to me Elin Otto Where is Er (the leader of the Conservative Party). I want him to hold the photo evidence of today’s newspaper and the daily newspaper for the past three weeks! I want the photo (evidence) in his passport and any information provided by the border department-immediately !" ↓ However, on January 1, local time, the Canadian national evening news "CTV National News" reporter tweeted, "It can be confirmed: Prime Minister Trudeau and his family are on vacation at the Harrington Lake residence. In other words, He did not go abroad as widely speculated on Twitter."↓

【都市之最强狂兵报道 记曱都市之最强狂兵��者 张晓雅】“特鲁多在哪儿?Ⅰ”2021年第一天,加拿大媒体发出了这样的疑问,该国总理行踪甚至一度成为推特上的热搜话题……

“☹贾斯廷·特鲁多在世界的哪里?”加拿大《廾多伦多太阳报》1月1日以此为题报道称,加拿大安大略省财政厅长罗德·菲利普斯(Rod Phillips)因防疫封锁期间无视规定出国度假而丢掉工作一事,引发人们对总理特鲁多下落的质疑。



而12月底,加拿大多名政客因在防疫限制下被曝出境而道歉,其中包括加拿大萨斯喀彻」温省官员乔·哈格雷夫(Joe Hargrave)因个人房产出售事务去了,美国加利福尼亚州、魁北克省自由党议❤员皮埃尔·阿坎德(Pierre Arcand)和妻子在加勒比海度假……






也有人说: “我真想让他被抓住,然后胡言乱语地解释❻他为什么去旅行。”↓








不过,当地时间1月1日,加拿大全国晚间新闻“CTV National News”记者发推表示,“可以确⺷は认:特鲁多总理和他的家人在哈林顿湖住所度假。也就是说,他并没有像推特上广泛猜测的那样出国。”↓


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